Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Boy , Home at last

My little boy is home safe and sound. We had alot of fun while the girls were here. WE want to thank everyone who worked on him and made him these wonderful gifts.....He is relaxing and dreaming of the wonderful summer that he had. Thanks each and everyone of you.......This has been great fun. The only hard part was letting the babys go.....I wanted to keep them all. Lets do it again! Sue

Three little sweethearts

I took pictures of the babys together while I had them all here......I have enjoyed this traveling baby so much. Can not wait to do it again. It was fun, but I also learned some new things about sculpting and putting babys together. Thanks for letting me join this group. Sue

Bliss, LAST STOP before going home

Bliss came very shortly after Rhonda's little girl. I worked on them at the same time. When little Bliss saw that I was making little pigs, she wanted one, so I made her one of her own. She also needed shoes so I made her some little sandels and decided to finish off her fancy outfit with Jewelry by Amanda also. She and Rhonda's little one, had a nice visit and my little boy hated to see them go.......Hope Carolyn is pleased with all of the work that has been done to her little one. Happy trip home! Sue

Rhonda's Baby's little visit with Sue

Rhonda's baby girl came to me, looking perfect. I had a hard time deciding what I could even do to her. Everyone has already made her look so cute. She still needed gloss, so I glossed her eyes and nails. I decided that I could make her a little bundle piggy to travel with and I also made her some little sandels to wear with her pretty dress. I talked my daughter Amanda into making her some fancy jewelry. I don't know what Carolyn is going to figure out , but she is already perfect in every way.........Thanks for visiting. Sue

Monday, August 16, 2010

Well, it's time for me to say goodbye to this sweet little baby girl. She has had a fantastic journey..but she misses her Mama and is now headed home to Barb. Everyone did such a wonderful job on her. She really didn't need a thing when she came to visit me...but I made her a comfy crocheted display bed. Isn't she adorable...napping soundly in her new bed?
This has been a wonderful experience! Thanks to all!! Rhonda