Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rhonda's Little Girl Knows What She Wants!!!

I was so happy to see the package from Sue on my dinning room table when I got home from my extended vacation. I opened it up before I even got the car unpacked. I couldn't wait to see the babies inside it. My Sweet Bliss was in there and I was so happy to see her. (More about that later) Also the cutest little girl was bouncing around in there telling me she didn't want to be late for school. This little sweetheart said "I am going to be a Kindergartener and I can't be late!" "I need books because I want to learn to read, I need a backpack to hold my school supplies, and I need a "My Little Pony" to match my dress!" So I got busy and made her little books, a cute little backpack, and bought her a yellow and green "My Little Pony". She wanted to be able to stand too, so I got a little white metal stand. She was so happy and proud! I packed her up very safely, kissed her, wished her happy days at school, and sent her home to Rhonda. Be looking for her Rhonda....find out the number of her school bus...she is ready to go.