Friday, April 29, 2011

Miss Rat, comes to Idaho

What a darling rat......When she got here, I just didn't know what I could do to make her any cuter. She is just so cute as she is. Carolyn did such a good job on painting her and putting her together. I wanted to find her something to wear,but didn't have anything that looked cute on her. I decided to make her a toy, a little stuffed cat. That was kind of fun...and I had my daughter Amanda Rine, make her a tiny necklace. I really didnt want to do to much because she has to visit two places before she goes home. I couldn't let her leave with out a little tutu to match her necklace. I am sure that someone will want to dress her different but thought she looked cute to travel this way. Thank you so much for visiting Miss Rat. I hope you enjoy your visit with Audrey, in Washington.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a sweety

I got this pretty little girl in the mail a few weeks ago, she already had a new dress and some pretty golden locks, she told me she wanted a body and some coloring so she could wear her new clothes. I colored her and sewed her a new body. Then she said she was cold and wanted a soft blanket. So we picked out this soft pink material for her a blanket she could snuggle in on her trip to Michigan to see Carolyn. Before mailing her off I decided to try my hand at making her some shoes to match her new dress. I enjoyed visiting with this sweet little baby girl, I hope you enjoy the photos we took together

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One little piggy in a picnic

So this little piggy told me she was hungry.

I offered her her some food but she took off with the cookie box! By the time I got my camera, she was down to only one cookie.

 She insisted with the cutest smile, to have a picnic in the sunny California weather, to show off her little yellow outfit.

  I think Sue makes the prettiest piggies, and Audrey painted her little hands and feet so cute! You just want to hug her! She is ready to go visit Barb very soon.
I will miss her :o)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Martha's Sweet Little Baby Boy

Martha's sweet little baby boy arrived in Michigan and he needed hair....Soooooo  I set about trying to figure out the best hair style and material for him.  He was very patient while I tried out styles and experimented on his tiny little head.  The first thing I tried was a little blond wig I had, but somehow it made him look like Donald Trump or maybe a blond that didn't work.

 Then I noticed his pretty green eyes and thought maybe this beautiful feather would make lovely hair.
And it did really go great with his eyes, but it made him look too much like an Elf and he didn't have pointy ears...he was a baby the green feathers didn't work either.

Next I tried blond curly hair...lots and lots and lots of blond looked pretty but too much like the curls had to go!

I even tried red dreadlocks...I wrapped then around his head...he said he liked them...they kept his head nice and warm.  But I could see that wasn't the hair style for a baby boy!

Then I decided to make a little wig especially for him out of fine chestnut mohair and I think that is just the perfect style for him.   What do you think?

I had a darling little outfit made for him by sabrinasunshine from eBay.  It has light brown corduroy pants and a matching hat.  She also made a red sweatshirt hoodie.  There is a cute little puppy button on the hoodie. I found out he loves puppies and he spent a lot of time playing with one of my babies' puppy.  He wanted to take it with him, but my baby put up such a fuss I just couldn't give it to him.  I told him, I bet one of the other travel artists would make him a puppy of his own.  Here are some cute pictures of him playing.

Ridem' Cowboy!

Isn't he sweet hugging the puppy?

Two cute little mugs having lots of fun!

This little one is ready to go Idaho...look for him Sue...he is on his way to your house!

Here is Baby Boy's Passport.

Touring Artists...don't forget to date each Baby's Passport.  Miss Frog, Audrey's baby and Sue's Piggy  do not have a Passport yet.  I'll make them when they get to me.  But Miss Rat and Baby Boy have one that needs to be stamped at each state they goes to visit.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Miss Frog arrived in Idaho in need of medical help........YES her little toes were broken off. I hope I got them back on ok.......It was a chore. I am afraid they dont look as good as the original sculpting did. I tried to thicken the feet a bit so it wouldn't happen again thru all the travels that she still has left. I then decided she needed her own lilly pad to take with her , sence she couldn' t stay with me and live happily ever after in my pond with my KOI fish. She is just as cute as she can be and I wanted to keep her forever. I added a little tuft of pink hair on her head....and decided she needed a little fairy outfit... She might get new clothes on her way back to Carolyn. I am sure gonna miss her cute little smile......

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wait Until You Meet Miss Rat!

Miss Rat is such a sweetheart.  I was really afraid when she came in her special box with all the pieces in plastic bags.  It really looked like a challenge.  I was still pretty sick, tired, and coughing,  so I just put her away for a whole week.  Then one day I got the big box out and started reading all the wonderful directions that Barb sent me and looking at all the bags that were marked with explanations like right arm, left arm, etc.  It all just fell together and BOOM...before I knew it I had Miss Rat all figured out.  I mixed a nice color of gray paint....did you think she would be brown or white?  Nope, she is gray.  I painted her palms and the bottom of her feet with a light flesh colored pink.  I painted the inside of her ears and her sweet little tushie that color too.  But the tushie just did not look right pink....I had to repaint it with gray.  I used Genesis Heat paint on her, so she needed about three coats.  And then I had to bake her.  Then I followed Barb's precise directions and before I knew it, Miss Rat was all put together.  Here she is, just after painting,  no eyes yet.

I was afraid to do the eyes....I have never painted eyes before...but I decided to go ahead and try.  If they turned out badly, someone else could repaint them....I'm sure.  I think they are OK, but probably someone could do a better job...go ahead if you want to do them again. 
Now I really got brave and decided to put some eyelashes and hair on this little lady. The hair is
hot pink and purple wool roving.  It is long enough in the front to tie ribbons in it and pretty long in the back too. I think it should be shorter in the back, but decided to wait and let Barb or someone else cut it shorter if they want to.

                                                                                                                                                                    Here she is all painted, put together, and with hair and eyelashes.
But no tail.....I don't know how we are going to fix that!

An way this little gal has quite a personality, she right away let me know that she wasn't afraid of anything....especially not cats.
She plopped right down next to this whole pile of Mama Cats....she even hugged them all.

Then she latched on to this little kitten and kept saying "I Love You!"  I think the kitten might have been a little scared though, but not Miss Rat!

The little kitten was meowing quite a bit by this picture and I had to go rescue her.  Miss Rat kept saying, " I was just hugging her" and I know she was.

After that Miss Rat cut the quit laughing!  I didn't mean what you are thinking...she cut herself a biggggg piece of Cheese.

 She just loves Cheese...........
(so Sue, you might want to put the Cheese up high if you don't want her to eat it all!)

Oh, I almost forgot, I made Miss Rat a Travel Passport.  I put everyone's state in there for her....all you have to do is date when she gets to you under your state.  I kind of got this idea from Audrey.  She sent something about the state her baby came from and I, each baby needs a passport! 
It even has her picture on it.
and inside are all the states she will travel to.

Everyone is going to love this little one!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It happened one windy day...

Once upon a time, a little baby girl went outside to play... She came visiting from Washington and was hoping for sunny weather in California.

It's too windy!

But is was too windy this Spring, you know, the Santana Winds and all that. So she was about to lose her hat
Oh, my little hat!
She thought that maybe if the wind would go East, it might take her all the way to Georgia... .

Goodness gracious... the Easter eggs too?
So she decided it was time to go visit Barb and see if things got better over there. The End :o)

I added hair to Audrey's baby and a little outfit nice for windy days.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Miss Piggy went to...

Sue's Little Baby is ready to travel to California! I made her a slightly longer body, and she's been painted with Genesis heat set paints, acrylic, and Prisma paints. We enjoyed her visit here in Washington, and wish her safe travels with lots of Kicks 'n' Giggles along the way!
*Baby Piglet with the goodies I made her: A Pacifier, Baby Book, 1st Footprints, a Toy, a Diaper, a Travel Tag of the states she will visit on her tour, and a Little Locket to remind her of her visit to my nursery*