Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Miss Piggy went to...

Sue's Little Baby is ready to travel to California! I made her a slightly longer body, and she's been painted with Genesis heat set paints, acrylic, and Prisma paints. We enjoyed her visit here in Washington, and wish her safe travels with lots of Kicks 'n' Giggles along the way!
*Baby Piglet with the goodies I made her: A Pacifier, Baby Book, 1st Footprints, a Toy, a Diaper, a Travel Tag of the states she will visit on her tour, and a Little Locket to remind her of her visit to my nursery*


  1. She is TOTALLY adorable!!! Can't wait to see her here!!!

  2. awwww this pig has got to be the cutest piglet EVER! Way to go everyone who worked on her and Sue now I'm really wanting a pig! : )

  3. She is just delightful, Sue and Audrey. I love the first footprints. And her pink with pok-a-dot sweet! Her piggy baby doll is so cute too. And even a heart necklace. You both did a great job on this little barnyard beauty!