Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 Have a wonderful, healthy, loving Christmas time. And many blessings for the coming year!

This baby blog will take a nap now... Thanks for your visit. See you soon~♥

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Martha's Baby visits Washington

Martha's cute little baby came to visit me here in Washington! She wanted to see everything that was going on so I gave her a bouncy seat to sit in! She is a very happy baby, and smiles at everyone.

The weather was beautiful here, and she wanted to go out and look for lady bugs. We went out to see what we could find, but didn't see any. So I put one on her seat so that she could have one to take home...where there are probably a lot of them since it is warmer there.

I gave her a little snuggle bear and a bracelet. I gave her hugs, and sent her home to her Mommy Martha in California.

Travel safely with hugs from your Auntie Audrey! I will miss you!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank you everyone

I want to thank everyone for what they did to my little doll. I so love everything,from the tiny cup of hot chocolate and darling stuff that Audrey made for her to the cute long curley hair and fairly outfit from the cute little bear that Sherry gave her. She looks so cute. I was excited to see her home. Thanks again girls. This was so fun.

Audreys baby on her way home

I so love this doll......She is just such a sweet looking baby. When she came to me, she was already finished so it took me a while to figure out what I could do for her. I gave her a little stuffed poodle and a blanket.....but wanted to make her something too....hmmmm what could I do? I made her a little bottle but still wanted something else to finish her......I found a little stroller at the second hand store with Easter stuff painted on it so I brought it home and painted it an off white. I made a little mattress for it and added a pink flower and put her in it..She looks very comfy for her trip home. My little doll got her before I had her packaged so I let them have some time together to share a cup of hot chocolate and talk about their adventure. Now she is on her way home to Mommy Audrey.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here’s Sue’s Beautiful little girl. She’s on her was back to Idaho. I just so loved her in Martha’s outfit so much that I realized that all she needed was something to hold in those sweet little hands. So here’s a crocheted little bear for her to carry home to her mama! Look how proud she is to have it to give to her mama Sue! I think she’s happy and I think Sue will be too! Bye bye sweet little princess!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sherry's baby going home!

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice Thanks Giving!
I had Sherry's baby dolls visiting me for a few days. She arrived all snuggled in cozy clothes, but we had warm weather here in California so she needed a dress to change into.

She spent Thanks Giving with us and had a nice time visiting the garden.

See all the flowers we still have?

She is a bit homesick so she is ready to go home to Washington. I will miss you baby girl!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sherry's Little Darling

When Sherry's darling little girl arrived her in Washington she had on a sweet little outfit from her Auntie Sue. She loved it so much, because it kept her so warm. She told me that she would love a hairstyle that was fun and girly, so we went to the beauty salon, and she had some pig tails put into all of those curls! She told me that her little toes were a bit chilly too.
So I made her some little Mary Jane slippers.
Now her head and her toes were warm!
We were talking about all of the adventures she'd had so far on her journey, and while were were visiting she thought it would be fun to sit on the floor and relax. I decided to make her a boppy pillow so she could do that in comfort.

I asked her what some of her favorite things were, and she told me that she loved to snuggle with teddy bears. So I made her a teddy bear blanket to keep her warm as she snuggled.
We had a great time together, and I'm so sad to see her go. She is such a happy girl, and loves to laugh. She wasn't too sad though, because she knew that she would get to go and visit her Auntie Martha in California. So I carefully packaged up her new snuggles, and sent her out to California.
I wish you lots of Kicks 'n' Giggles on your adventure! Travel safely! Hugs from your Auntie Audrey!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Martha's baby is ready for her visit to Audrey

Martha's baby came to me all wrapped up in the brightest green blanket...I just couldn't decide what to do with that doll. I dressed it first I had her dressed in cowboy clothes....oh how cute......and then I decided she was a girl......So I gave her some pretty blond hair with pony tales....and dressed her up to play. She came to life at my house and I hate to see her go. I did get pictures of her with Audrey's baby....What fun it is to have two here at one time....Thanks again for sharing with me .

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well Look at that face, isn’t he adorable!!!!
Little Octavia!!!! I sure love you and now you’ve off to Sue to get all prettied up!

Martha’s doll!! You did a bang up job Martha on this little sugarpie!!!!What a sweetheart!!! I gave him his paint job and sewed his body together and sent him off to Sue.....Hope you love him Martha!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!!!
I love this baby! Audrey’s little baby left here recently to go visit Sue but while she was here I had a baby wig that fit her perfectly!!!! And the little knitted outfit was just her size!!!!! Can’t wait to see what Sue will add to this little cutie but I know it will be awesome! Hope you had a safe trip little baby! Great job Audrey!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

In a nice Autumn day...

Sue's baby came to visit me right before Halloween.

 She had a nice sleight for her winter travels, but here in California we don't have snow, not even in the snowy spots yet. I asked her what she wanted to do for Halloween and she said "fairy!" so I gave her long flowing fairy hair, and made her a cute tiny hat and fairy dress.

I was going to give her  wings as well, but she didn't want to put them on, because her brand new hair would get messed up.

She ate all the candy already, and all she has to do for now is climb on her sleight and go to her next stop at Sherry's place in Washington.

Bye sweet little fairy! It was wonderful to have you here visiting! My cat Panzón will miss you too.He was directing the photo session.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sherry's doll , ready to leave Nampa, Idaho

I am sooo totally in love with this doll. I played with her for hours. I tried hair , Hats, clothes..........just had so much fun with her. In the end I colored her with water based oils and added lashes. I made her a body and put her together. Each step of the way, I fell more in love with her. She is so very cute. It has been a pleasure working on one of Sherry's dolls. She has taught me so much of what I know. I hope one day to be able to sit and sculpt with this very talented friend of mine. I gave this sweet little one a warm and comfy outfit to travel in. Some one along the line will probable dress her much cuter. I will now package her very carefully and try to make myself send her to Audrey.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sue's Darling Travel Baby

Sue's darling little girl arrived here in Washington! It was sunny here, but a little on the cool side.
So I made her a little blanket, and cap to keep her head warm. She talked about how she loves to snuggle under a warm blanket on a cool day with her teddy bear, and some hot cocoa.

We talked about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and the fun memories that we make. When I mentioned Christmas...her eyes lit up and she got a big smile on her face! We were looking through some catalogues, and she saw some bunk beds. She thought that it would be so much fun to sleep on those with her teddy bear...they could have a sleep over and everything! But... then she saw a "Sleigh Bed"! She just beamed with the idea of sleeping in a sleigh...especially on Christmas Eve! So, we made one especially for her!

She couldn't wait until Christmas Eve to snuggle into her sleigh with her bear and hot chocolate...with marshmallows of course! So we snuggled her into her bed with her bear and hot cocoa, and read stories.
We had so much fun here, and even enjoyed some sunshine! She is so excited to visit her Aunt Martha in California!

She is all ready to continue her adventure! Sending you with hugs from your Auntie safely sweet little one! I will miss you!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sue's traveling baby.

My little baby is ready to visit Audrey in Washington. Can't wait to see what these girls can do with her.