Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Princess

What a little angel Martha's baby is. I just want to keep her here with me. I knew I had to give her some hair. We were both a little nervous....until I found a beautiful brown Tallina wig that fit her perfectly. It looks so pretty with her hazel eyes. She's a girlie I made her a cute little tu-tu adorned with pink and white flower trim. I also made her a simple matching 'halo'. She got right attached to the soft, fluffy sheep so she'll be taking it with her on her trip to Barbs. Be careful,'re bound to fall in love with this one!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A little girl in the flowers

I have been playing with this little girl made by Rhonda, trying different kinds of hair, and we finally agreed in this strawberry blond. She has now 2 cute piggy tails, and her new flower full dress was made by Dori. I added her eyebrows and tiny bit of gloss on her little mouth.  I think she is ready to go visit Sue, in her next stop of the journey. We'll pack her hat and blouse made by Barb, and see what other goodies she gets along the way!

She is such a well behaved baby!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're Having a Party at My House!!

Hey ya''s Rhonda. We've been having quite the little party in NC. I should probably feel guilty for hoarding all these cuties here at my house....but I really don't. LOL We've been having a ball. These three have become best buddies. Baby Boy is a bit stubborn...but he gets that honest. haha Just like his creator...he will give you the shirt off of his back. Poor Bliss is a bit chilly and a bit on the shy side..since she's still naked as a jaybird. She won't say so...but I think she's looking forward to her trip to Ms. Barb where she might find some clothes. Martha's baby girl is just happy all the time. While the other two youngin's are heading out to Barb's tomorrow, she is going to stay behind and play with me for a while. So, I'll kiss baby boy and sweet Bliss on their wee little heads tomorrow and send them on to their way. Be looking for them, Barb.......

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Boy!

You were right Carolyn. This little stinker made by Sue is most certainly a precious baby boy. He loves his paci you made for him....and will not part with it so I chose just the right fabric to compliment it. He now has a sports themed shirt, some cute soft corderoy knit britches and a matching hat. He seemed truly tickled when I gave him his football. He is still wearing the precious diaper you made for him underneath. Sooo cute! I didn't have the heart to cover those adorable tubby toes. Sue makes THE cutest feet! He's excited about his trip to Barb. Not one bit scared. Yep...he's Alllll Boy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good bye Ladybug, Hello Daisy!

As I am saying good bye, bon voyage, hasta la vista!  to Barb's baby I was getting Rhonda's baby!
This is such a great experience! SInce Barb's baby was sleeping I gave her a ladybug red pajamas and a little headband. I am sure she will get a day time outfit and all kinds of goodies as she travels! It was too hot in California for socks, so she is traveling barefooted:

Now, as for Rhonda's dolly, the first thing that baby needed was a change of diapers, so she got nice daisy covered pants and I started to call her Daisy.

The second thing she told me she needed was hair, and eyebrows. I'm going to work on that request and show you pictures when we are ready. For now I hope you enjoy the pictures of my new little friends!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yes, The Little California Baby Arrived in Michigan!

YES SHE DID! And Sue you are right she is "a beautiful little girl (not a boy!)!" So dainty and huggable.
I love the traveling sleeper and matching hat you put on her. I need some of those for my babies. We have been getting to know each other the last few days. At first she was quite shy but she certainly is warming up to me now. She has tried on many of my beautiful outfits and finally we decided on a delicate pale pink romper with a matching pink ruffed dust mop hat. She just looks darling in it with her chubby limbs and chubby tummy. We put on some fancy socks too. She loved the Baby Powder smell my babies have, so I gave her a little Baby Powder oil scent too. ( I might make one more thing...not sure yet, and then I will take and add pictures here.) I did make her something else...the tinest, sweetest little stretch bracelet and she just loves it. She says she is going to wear it ALL THE TIME! Also here are some photos of our fun days together. I hugged her, kissed her and told her bye today and she is on her way to Aunt Rhonda. Be looking for her!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet dreams Ladybug...

After thinking and rethinking what to do with Barb's baby, I finally came to the conclusion that such round pretty head doesn't need hair.
I was going to add some, and try to bake it on (which I have not done before) But at the end, I decided that she is so cute just like that! I added some tiny blue veins on the sides of the head and blush here and there... She doesn't need more than that.
Now we have to be very quiet, shhhhh! she's sleeping!

Sweet dreams little ladybug. Soon you'll go to Idaho to visit Sue!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Little California Sweetheart

This is the sweetest little girl that came to me from California a few days ago. She was sculpted by Martha and sent to me in pieces with her body which I promptly lost. I have blushed her with a peachy color and added gloss to her eyes, lips and nails. I am hoping that someone can add eyebrows, some where down the line. I was afraid to try. I made her a new body which I hope works ok, sense I have never made a body like this before. I actually learned something new. lol I couldn't think of sending her on to Carolyn without any clothes so I have found a pair of jammies and a warm blanket to keep her safe and warm , until someone else makes her a new outfit. She will be on her way tomorrow to Mi. to visit Carolyn and I can't wait to see what she will do with her. I am gonna miss this sweet little one. I have really enjoyed working on her and playing with her. Sue

Hi , I am Sue Bronson. I live in Nampa, Idaho. I fell in love with sculpting these little clay babys. This traveling baby thing is really gonna be fun. We are all enjoying it alot so far. This is my little one before I sent him along to Carolyn, who has already painted him and added hair to him. She has done such a good job and now he is on his way to North visit Rhonda. Come back and see what he looks like when everyone has had a chance to work on him.......I cant wait to see him again. Sue

all painted and on the way to California

I assembled this sweet little baby and gave it a gentle blush, I am thinking its a baby boy but you never know until it its completely finished getting born. I crocheted a ting hat and booties to keep him warm through the mountains on the way to California where he will hopefully find hair for his little bald head. The night shirt is just something to keep him from being naked until he gets his new clothes.
I won't get another baby to work on until I return from my vacation, but
I will be checking back here often to follow the progress of them all

Sweet Barb's baby

I was a bit nervous because the baby from Georgia was not arriving here, but like a lot of babies, took a few days after the due date delivery! ;o)

I have yet to paint it, so far I have only taken pictures and I have to say, I am fascinated with the baby's toes hehehe so cute! Here is a picture and I will post WIPs in a couple of days.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a Little Sweetheart

Aww, ya'll, Bliss is such a sweetie. We've had such a fun day...posing and playing dress up. She's all put together and has a happy baby glow now. I've made her a pretty green hooded blanket for her next trip to Georgia. I hate to see her go but she's all excited about her upcoming visit with Barb.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sue's Baby arrived in Michigan

What a nice surprise when I opened up my package and there was a darling little face with a big smile and bright green eyes looking at me. I immediately picked up all the pieces and put them together. That was even a nicer surprise...the darling little baby gave me a big hug. He looked a little pale so I got out my genesis paints and gave him a wonderful peaches and cream glow. He really seemed happy, and looked to me like he needed blondish red hair...perfect with his green eyes. I had some beautiful mohair that I glued to his head. I also made him a disposable diaper and a tiny blue and yellow pacifier. I thought that would be nice for his long trip to North Carolina. It has been rainy and cool and he got cold. So I also gave him a yellow traveling hat and a white traveling blanket with bears on it. (These are not for his good outfit....just to wrap him in while he is traveling.) Although it is hard for me to send this sweet little boy on to Rhonda he seems rather excited about it. Can you see him waving to me? So with a kiss and a hug, I packed him up and today he will be on his way to North Carolina and I will be waiting for my next traveling baby to arrive.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Arrival in GA

Today I got the first baby in the baby voyage. This is the sweetest little baby, waiting patently for all of us mammas to get finished adding our touches to them all so they can go back to their original creators. I am adding a few photos of the baby , without color or the hair. I am going to add color and assemble it on its body then I can mail it to California for the next step on its journey.
thanks for peeking and following these babies as they are send around the country, visiting so many sculptors in their journey to become born.
More photos after the painting and body,

Here we go!

So here comes a baby from California on the way to Idaho! I have to say, sending a baby in parts is strange! but for our project here, where each participant works on each step of the production, it is easier for the one that will paint the baby to get the parts separately. So well, here is my baby ready to be worked on!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Newborn Baby Girl Elf Arrived in North Carolina

I'm so happy to hear that the newborn baby girl elf arrived at the famous Artist Rhonda's house in North Carolina and is safe and sound. I can't wait to see the exciting things that Rhonda will be able to do for her. I think I am going to call her Bliss but not sure yet. I had a hard time deciding if this little elf was a baby girl or a boy. So I decided to go ahead and put hair on it. I wanted it to be a baby girl elf and I think she is after the hair. See the pictures before the hair and after?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lil Bit's in Pieces

Hi's Rhonda in NC. :)
Well, here she is...or here HE is...not exactly sure yet. Could go either way, I guess. This little stinker started out as a chunk of Prosculpt Dollmakers Clay. When finished he/she should measure in at a whopping 6". I've used the prettiest blue glass eyes on this one. He/She is all packed up and ready to leave NC...heading to the great state of Georgia..and to the wonderful artist Barb. I'm so excited! Let this fantastic journey begin!!