Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good bye Ladybug, Hello Daisy!

As I am saying good bye, bon voyage, hasta la vista!  to Barb's baby I was getting Rhonda's baby!
This is such a great experience! SInce Barb's baby was sleeping I gave her a ladybug red pajamas and a little headband. I am sure she will get a day time outfit and all kinds of goodies as she travels! It was too hot in California for socks, so she is traveling barefooted:

Now, as for Rhonda's dolly, the first thing that baby needed was a change of diapers, so she got nice daisy covered pants and I started to call her Daisy.

The second thing she told me she needed was hair, and eyebrows. I'm going to work on that request and show you pictures when we are ready. For now I hope you enjoy the pictures of my new little friends!

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