Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Little California Sweetheart

This is the sweetest little girl that came to me from California a few days ago. She was sculpted by Martha and sent to me in pieces with her body which I promptly lost. I have blushed her with a peachy color and added gloss to her eyes, lips and nails. I am hoping that someone can add eyebrows, some where down the line. I was afraid to try. I made her a new body which I hope works ok, sense I have never made a body like this before. I actually learned something new. lol I couldn't think of sending her on to Carolyn without any clothes so I have found a pair of jammies and a warm blanket to keep her safe and warm , until someone else makes her a new outfit. She will be on her way tomorrow to Mi. to visit Carolyn and I can't wait to see what she will do with her. I am gonna miss this sweet little one. I have really enjoyed working on her and playing with her. Sue


  1. Sue, you did such a great job on the baby!

  2. Yes, you did Sue...don't you just love working on these Sweet ones?