Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're Having a Party at My House!!

Hey ya''s Rhonda. We've been having quite the little party in NC. I should probably feel guilty for hoarding all these cuties here at my house....but I really don't. LOL We've been having a ball. These three have become best buddies. Baby Boy is a bit stubborn...but he gets that honest. haha Just like his creator...he will give you the shirt off of his back. Poor Bliss is a bit chilly and a bit on the shy side..since she's still naked as a jaybird. She won't say so...but I think she's looking forward to her trip to Ms. Barb where she might find some clothes. Martha's baby girl is just happy all the time. While the other two youngin's are heading out to Barb's tomorrow, she is going to stay behind and play with me for a while. So, I'll kiss baby boy and sweet Bliss on their wee little heads tomorrow and send them on to their way. Be looking for them, Barb.......


  1. Rhonda, they look so cute together!!

  2. I bet you all had a real party together! What a delightful group and What fun!!!!!