Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yes, The Little California Baby Arrived in Michigan!

YES SHE DID! And Sue you are right she is "a beautiful little girl (not a boy!)!" So dainty and huggable.
I love the traveling sleeper and matching hat you put on her. I need some of those for my babies. We have been getting to know each other the last few days. At first she was quite shy but she certainly is warming up to me now. She has tried on many of my beautiful outfits and finally we decided on a delicate pale pink romper with a matching pink ruffed dust mop hat. She just looks darling in it with her chubby limbs and chubby tummy. We put on some fancy socks too. She loved the Baby Powder smell my babies have, so I gave her a little Baby Powder oil scent too. ( I might make one more thing...not sure yet, and then I will take and add pictures here.) I did make her something else...the tinest, sweetest little stretch bracelet and she just loves it. She says she is going to wear it ALL THE TIME! Also here are some photos of our fun days together. I hugged her, kissed her and told her bye today and she is on her way to Aunt Rhonda. Be looking for her!!

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