Thursday, June 30, 2011

Miss Froggy is on her hop home

I really enjoyed this tour with all of the babies and creatures that visited me, it is sad seeing the last ones return home to their creators. For Miss Froggy she told me she always loved the purses like Vera Bradly so I made her a small one that is similar in design, it is big enough to hold her tiny toy froggy that I made for her,or the doll that she played with here so I sent it home with her. She is on her way home as of today so watch for her Carolyn.
I got Miss Rat yesterday and was loving sharing all of her goodies with her, thanks ladies for the fun trip

Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss Rat goes back home

Little Miss Rat was up from her nap, she wanted some milk and a toy.
We went outside to the yard for a pick nick and gave her a bib so she would not mess up her tutu.
Look at the pictures, she had fun!


Oh, yummy milk...

Now it's time to go back home and tell barb all the things she saw, and the places she visited in her tour.
Thanks for visiting, little friend, we will miss you!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Martha's baby boy and his visit to Idaho

Ohhhhhhh what a sweet little boy. I had fun with him while he was here. He wanted to go out to play but it was still a bit cold here in Idaho so I made him a nice blanket and gave him a little red wagon to play with. He still missed the puppy that he played with at Carolyn's so I gave him a little yellow puppy of his own. Now doesn't he look cute and happy. I hated to say goodbye to him but he was eager to get on his way to Washington to visit Audrey.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Audrey's Little Baby Girl

I have just been playing with the most wonderful little Baby Girl.  She has had a great time in Michigan and I have just learned to love this little Sweetheart.  She is so fun to be around and so kind....a lot like Audrey, I think.  This little gal loves purple, so I got a darling little pair of purple PJ's for her and fancyed them up with white lace and gauzy purple ribbon.

 She does look lovely in that color!  I bought a cute purple bed for her and a darling little purple blanket with a big cuddly Giraffe head on it. 

That was when this little one told me she wants to care for all kinds of wild you would find in a Zoo.  She brought a monkey from Barb's in Georgia and I found the cutest baby elephant for her.  Maybe Sue can find some other animals to add to her collection.

Just as I was packing her up to go visit Aunt Sue in Idaho, along came Miss Piggy from Georgia,

so these two little ones wanted to play and spend some time together and Boy.....did they have fun!

Audrey's little sweetie has her Passport and is ready to travel!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miss Rat has a Spot of Tea

I loved having Miss Rat visit me here in Washington! She noticed all of my teapots and teacups and really wanted one of her own! She decided that since she was right outside the "City of Roses" (Portland, OR) that she wanted a teapot with a rose on it.
Then she decided that she wanted to have a tea party with her friend Bear. I told her I had a great recipe for a glazed chocolate cake, so we made one of those for her to have at her picnic tea! We added a daisy on top to match her tea blanket.

"Would you care for a cup of tea?" She asks.
It was raining so we decided to have her picnic inside. It was a lot of fun! She didn't want to leave her friend Cat out so when she flips over her tea blanket there is a little girl with a kitty.
I also added a tail to Miss Rat.
Miss Rat is on her way out to California with her baby book, travel tag and picnic set.
She has one more stop before she goes home. She was sad to leave, but is very excited to continue on her adventure!
Have a safe journey little one!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Froggy and Piggy Play

Today before Miss Piggy was packed away for her trip to Michigan, she had Queen Froggy arrive in Georgia for her tour stop. They begged me to take their photos together, so I got one of them standing, and a couple of them sitting for an oink and a croak :)
Then they were tuckered out and asked to take a short nap together before we went to send off Miss Piggy to her next stop, she is on her way to Michigan
Stay tuned to see what happens with Queen Froggy in Georgia, this is so much fun, I love all of the critters and hate to send them off