Thursday, June 30, 2011

Miss Froggy is on her hop home

I really enjoyed this tour with all of the babies and creatures that visited me, it is sad seeing the last ones return home to their creators. For Miss Froggy she told me she always loved the purses like Vera Bradly so I made her a small one that is similar in design, it is big enough to hold her tiny toy froggy that I made for her,or the doll that she played with here so I sent it home with her. She is on her way home as of today so watch for her Carolyn.
I got Miss Rat yesterday and was loving sharing all of her goodies with her, thanks ladies for the fun trip


  1. Vera Bradley does indeed have some cute purses. and little Miss Froggie got one of her own! Travel home safely little Miss Froggie! I enjoyed having you visit!

  2. That tiny frog doll is so cute! Miss Froggie is a happy girl, with all those toys to play with!