Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Martha's baby boy and his visit to Idaho

Ohhhhhhh what a sweet little boy. I had fun with him while he was here. He wanted to go out to play but it was still a bit cold here in Idaho so I made him a nice blanket and gave him a little red wagon to play with. He still missed the puppy that he played with at Carolyn's so I gave him a little yellow puppy of his own. Now doesn't he look cute and happy. I hated to say goodbye to him but he was eager to get on his way to Washington to visit Audrey.


  1. He's darling all snuggled up in his red wagon with his buddy and his blanket! He looks like he is having a ball! Soooo cute!

  2. OMG he looks awesome! Look at all those goodies!!

  3. He does look good in red doesn't he? And that puppy is so cute. Bet he has fun with the wagon too!