Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss Rat goes back home

Little Miss Rat was up from her nap, she wanted some milk and a toy.
We went outside to the yard for a pick nick and gave her a bib so she would not mess up her tutu.
Look at the pictures, she had fun!


Oh, yummy milk...

Now it's time to go back home and tell barb all the things she saw, and the places she visited in her tour.
Thanks for visiting, little friend, we will miss you!!!


  1. Miss Rat is so cute!! I love her new goodies! She looks like she is ready for a story! How could you resist that face...hehe.

  2. she is adorable, I will be looking forward to hearing all about her adventures

  3. I love Miss Rat's big baby bottle, bib, and ear bow! so cute.