Friday, May 28, 2010

I Found Her

I took three of my grandsons to the park to help me look for whatever was making that crying noise. Dakota stopped to talk to Amber and the other two, Ben and Travis, went with me over to the Raisin River by the big ole tree with the holes in it. We heard the sounds as we were approaching and Travis raced ahead and stuck his whole arm in the big hole where I saw the white flash of movement. When he pulled out his hand, there was the muddy, sad, crying baby. We wrapped it in a blanket and rushed home to clean it up and warm it up. After her bath we could tell she was a little Baby Girl Elf. She finally stopped crying when she was clean and warmed up. She cuddle up and went right to sleep. She is not quite put together and she is very pale. Her eyes are plastic and seem to need the special glossing. I am going to send her to the Artist Rhonda in South Carolina who specialized in working on Newborn Baby Elves. Be watching for her Rhonda...she is on her way.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

a few rough spots

I finally got a head that I like, but it is still in need of some fine tuning, I almost had a boo boo baby here when I grabbed some lighter colored clay and used it on this wee baby. When I found what I had done I scraped it off where it shows and added new clay, baked once again and now I think that with a little smoothing of the rough spots you can see here and once my partner who ever it will be on down the line adds some hair and color to this one , it will be just fine. I am thinking girl, what do you think ????
I am looking forward to this baby journey between friends that share a love for babies and sculpting. I have to sculpt some arms and legs, sew a body then this one will be winging its way across country to its next stop on its birth

I know I Heard a Baby Crying in Our Flooded Town Park

Our Town Park is really used a lot. All the village residents go there for picnics, ball games, to fish, to boat, to use the playground equipment and town pool. There is a river called the Raisin River that goes through it. It is the curviest river in the US. It floods several times a year. And I mean it really floods. Covers the roads in the park, all the equipment, even the skate board area, picnic tables, shelters...even gets into the lovely pool. It is a real nuisance for us when it floods. Well, it just flooded last Tuesday. We saw how bad it was as we were driving through town. My grandson was over there on Wednesday and said I should go take pictures, so I did. It wasn't near as flooded as it was Tuesday but still bad. While I was taking pictures I thought I heard a baby crying softly. I looked around but didn't see a baby. I thought I saw something white moving in the big hole in the old tree by the river. I looked all around but everything got quiet and I didn't see anything. Maybe I come back later with one of my grandchildren and they can help me look.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Steps...

Here is a little WIP of my baby that will be sent traveling in this adventure:
Tiny little toes, chubby baby creases. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, but everyone is happy to wait for the fun visit!

I'm Carolyn and I have seen a little Baby Elf (at least I think it is a Baby Elf) down at the town park. It has pretty large pointed ears. I'm not sure if it is a girl or a boy is pretty quick....I am going to try to catch it. Wish me luck!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to our little nest!

We want to share the fun of polymer doll making. We are working on sending our babies visiting different friends and have them work on them, create and shape them into a unique little clay baby.
Each of them will have their own original and unique tour.