Thursday, May 27, 2010

I know I Heard a Baby Crying in Our Flooded Town Park

Our Town Park is really used a lot. All the village residents go there for picnics, ball games, to fish, to boat, to use the playground equipment and town pool. There is a river called the Raisin River that goes through it. It is the curviest river in the US. It floods several times a year. And I mean it really floods. Covers the roads in the park, all the equipment, even the skate board area, picnic tables, shelters...even gets into the lovely pool. It is a real nuisance for us when it floods. Well, it just flooded last Tuesday. We saw how bad it was as we were driving through town. My grandson was over there on Wednesday and said I should go take pictures, so I did. It wasn't near as flooded as it was Tuesday but still bad. While I was taking pictures I thought I heard a baby crying softly. I looked around but didn't see a baby. I thought I saw something white moving in the big hole in the old tree by the river. I looked all around but everything got quiet and I didn't see anything. Maybe I come back later with one of my grandchildren and they can help me look.

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