Saturday, July 2, 2011

Martha's Baby Boy visits Washington

Martha's Baby Boy arrived here in Vancouver Washington all ready to go on some adventures! He saw the sock monkey that I had and asked if we could find one for him. He thought that it would be so much fun to take it with him as he traveled around the Willamette Valley.
So I made him a little "Sock Monkey", and a matching backpack. Since the weather was so nice we decided to head to the coast to do some whale watching. They migrate twice a year along the coastline. We weren't sure if we would see any, but he wanted to try anyway.
He packed everything he thought he would need into his backpack...some snacks, and "Max" his monkey. He made sure Max could see where they were going.

So off he went to see what he could find.
As he was walking along the beach, he came upon a turtle that seems to be resting. Baby boy asked him what he was doing. The turtle said his name was "Topper", and he was watching for whales. Topper asked Baby Boy if he would like to sit with him in the nice warm sand.

So Baby Boy sat down, shared some snacks, and talked the day away. They realized that there must not be any whales coming so Baby Boy asked the turtle if he would like to come home with him.
Topper thought that sounded like a lot of fun so he followed Baby Boy back to my house. Baby Boy had to walk slowly so it took them a while.
Baby Boy and Topper had a great time together! They went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and saw the dinosaur display, and many other sights. They didn't see any whales, but Baby Boy asked to take a shark home. So we found him one.
They looked at Baby Boys Baby Book, and made some notes of their adventures.
Topper loved using the "I Spy" bag as they traveled. Baby Boy was so polite, and enjoyed every place we went. I've loved having Martha's Baby Boy here, and will miss him when he goes. It's journeys end for all of the OOAK babies, and they are headed home to tell of all their adventures!
Safe travels home little one!


  1. Audrey, what a cute story and that sock monkey is the best hehehe