Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Little Piggy Went to Market!

My daughter Kelly and I brain stormed ideas of things to make for Miss Piggy and we came up with the idea of "This Little Piggy went to Market" and all the neat things we could make for her to buy.  This is a picture of me (in the middle) and my two daughters.  The one on the left is Jewel...Tiffany's mother and the one on the right is Kelly.

Then I asked my granddaughter Tiffany if she would like to come over and help make them.  She said she would love to help.  But...we had a hard time coordinating our schedules so we could find the time to work together.....but ....finally we got the perfect

 Finally this sweet little Piggy and I got time to sit down and talk about what she wanted to do before she went home to Sue.  She was so patient with me to wait on me without complaining at all.  I found out she knew exactly what she needed  to get done.  I just followed her plans and we had lots of fun. 

First of all she remined me of this little poem:
This Little Piggy went to Market
This Little Piggy stayed Home
This Little Piggy ate Roast Beef
This Little Piggy ate none
And this Little Piggy went wee, wee, wee
All the way Home.
So that is exactly what we did.
First she made a Grocery List and here is what she wanted.
A Reuasable Piggly Wiggle
SuperMarket Bag
Cotton Candy
Fancy Candy pieces
A Jug of Milk
Some Good Fruit....Apple, Orange, Banana
An All Day Sucker
A Roast Beef Sub
and a Wrapped Present to take home for Sue.

Then she got on her Sunday and Go to Market Dress with matching Bonnet and took her reusable Market Bag and headed for Town.

Then Tiffany and I sat down and made the items on her Piggly Wiggle Market List.

Here's Tiffany working on the Roast Beef....she made it a Roast Beef Sub...such a good idea and it is just darling!

Here is a close up of the Sub...........Kelly and I were thinking of a Roast Beef Sandwich...How much cuter Tiffany's Sub idea is!  Look at the toothpick with the darling green olive!

I made a bread bag wrapper for the Roast Beef Sub.

I made the stick with multicolored Cotton favorite kind of Cotton Candy.

 I also made the Bag of Fancy Candy Pieces....don't they make you hungry just looking at them?
 I'm sad to say I made the looks kind of white paint was too thick, and the black marker didn't want to mark on the paint,  and I wanted to finish these items today.  Sometimes I get a little lazy.  The milk is one of the Kiddie Jugs of milk from McDonald's.
 Now I'm happy to say the fruit....Apple, Banana, and Orange look yummy...Thanks to Tiffany.
 Tiffany also made the All Day Sucker and I put the cute wrap and ribbon on it.
 Here is the Wrapped present for seems to be a special kind of Tea.  I wrapped it so I know.
 Here are all the items from the Grocery List with ....
the reusable Market Bag....made by me.                    

                           Front of the bag.
                             Back of the bag.

 And here's a very happy Little Piggy all ready to go home to Idaho.

What a Doll She Is, That Little Piggy!

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  1. ADORABLE!!! Her market bag and goodies are absolutely darling! Her little dress is so cute for her trip to the market too. :) What a lucky little piggy! I've sure loved all of these little babies!