Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Boy!

You were right Carolyn. This little stinker made by Sue is most certainly a precious baby boy. He loves his paci you made for him....and will not part with it so I chose just the right fabric to compliment it. He now has a sports themed shirt, some cute soft corderoy knit britches and a matching hat. He seemed truly tickled when I gave him his football. He is still wearing the precious diaper you made for him underneath. Sooo cute! I didn't have the heart to cover those adorable tubby toes. Sue makes THE cutest feet! He's excited about his trip to Barb. Not one bit scared. Yep...he's Alllll Boy!


  1. Girls, all of you are doing good job making very cute babies. I am happy that you are having a lot of fun. Hugs for all, Cecilia.

  2. Hey, don't you just love it when others comment on our sweeties?