Monday, June 7, 2010

Sue's Baby arrived in Michigan

What a nice surprise when I opened up my package and there was a darling little face with a big smile and bright green eyes looking at me. I immediately picked up all the pieces and put them together. That was even a nicer surprise...the darling little baby gave me a big hug. He looked a little pale so I got out my genesis paints and gave him a wonderful peaches and cream glow. He really seemed happy, and looked to me like he needed blondish red hair...perfect with his green eyes. I had some beautiful mohair that I glued to his head. I also made him a disposable diaper and a tiny blue and yellow pacifier. I thought that would be nice for his long trip to North Carolina. It has been rainy and cool and he got cold. So I also gave him a yellow traveling hat and a white traveling blanket with bears on it. (These are not for his good outfit....just to wrap him in while he is traveling.) Although it is hard for me to send this sweet little boy on to Rhonda he seems rather excited about it. Can you see him waving to me? So with a kiss and a hug, I packed him up and today he will be on his way to North Carolina and I will be waiting for my next traveling baby to arrive.

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