Saturday, April 2, 2011

It happened one windy day...

Once upon a time, a little baby girl went outside to play... She came visiting from Washington and was hoping for sunny weather in California.

It's too windy!

But is was too windy this Spring, you know, the Santana Winds and all that. So she was about to lose her hat
Oh, my little hat!
She thought that maybe if the wind would go East, it might take her all the way to Georgia... .

Goodness gracious... the Easter eggs too?
So she decided it was time to go visit Barb and see if things got better over there. The End :o)

I added hair to Audrey's baby and a little outfit nice for windy days.


  1. I love her story, and her pretties Martha!!:) She looks so cute and ready to be whisked away to Georgia!! I know she had a wonderful visit with you, and is loving her adventure!! :)

  2. I love her is so cute and makes her look like a darling little do a great job on hair! I can't wait to hold her, but I know I have a while.