Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a sweety

I got this pretty little girl in the mail a few weeks ago, she already had a new dress and some pretty golden locks, she told me she wanted a body and some coloring so she could wear her new clothes. I colored her and sewed her a new body. Then she said she was cold and wanted a soft blanket. So we picked out this soft pink material for her a blanket she could snuggle in on her trip to Michigan to see Carolyn. Before mailing her off I decided to try my hand at making her some shoes to match her new dress. I enjoyed visiting with this sweet little baby girl, I hope you enjoy the photos we took together


  1. You did a great job on her paint, and shoes Barb!! She makes me giggle she is so cute!...LOL You and Martha have done a wonderful job on her so far! I can't wait to give her a hug! I love all of our touring babies! They are so cute, and so much fun!! :)

  2. Sorry, I got all excited and I forgot to say that I love her little blanket, and body too! Pink and favorite!! Hehe

  3. She really is becoming quite a beautiful little girl. Can't wait until I get to hold her. Hugs