Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Martha's Sweet Little Baby Boy

Martha's sweet little baby boy arrived in Michigan and he needed hair....Soooooo  I set about trying to figure out the best hair style and material for him.  He was very patient while I tried out styles and experimented on his tiny little head.  The first thing I tried was a little blond wig I had, but somehow it made him look like Donald Trump or maybe a blond that didn't work.

 Then I noticed his pretty green eyes and thought maybe this beautiful feather would make lovely hair.
And it did really go great with his eyes, but it made him look too much like an Elf and he didn't have pointy ears...he was a baby the green feathers didn't work either.

Next I tried blond curly hair...lots and lots and lots of blond looked pretty but too much like the curls had to go!

I even tried red dreadlocks...I wrapped then around his head...he said he liked them...they kept his head nice and warm.  But I could see that wasn't the hair style for a baby boy!

Then I decided to make a little wig especially for him out of fine chestnut mohair and I think that is just the perfect style for him.   What do you think?

I had a darling little outfit made for him by sabrinasunshine from eBay.  It has light brown corduroy pants and a matching hat.  She also made a red sweatshirt hoodie.  There is a cute little puppy button on the hoodie. I found out he loves puppies and he spent a lot of time playing with one of my babies' puppy.  He wanted to take it with him, but my baby put up such a fuss I just couldn't give it to him.  I told him, I bet one of the other travel artists would make him a puppy of his own.  Here are some cute pictures of him playing.

Ridem' Cowboy!

Isn't he sweet hugging the puppy?

Two cute little mugs having lots of fun!

This little one is ready to go Idaho...look for him Sue...he is on his way to your house!

Here is Baby Boy's Passport.

Touring Artists...don't forget to date each Baby's Passport.  Miss Frog, Audrey's baby and Sue's Piggy  do not have a Passport yet.  I'll make them when they get to me.  But Miss Rat and Baby Boy have one that needs to be stamped at each state they goes to visit.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle, those pictures are fantastic! Specially the very first, he looks like a blond Elvis! :oD

  2. He is so cute!! I love the photos you took trying to "figure out" his look, and of his adventure there. LOL...very clever. You did a wonderful job on him! That red looks so cute on him! Maybe he will find a little puppy to adopt on his way home. :)