Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wait Until You Meet Miss Rat!

Miss Rat is such a sweetheart.  I was really afraid when she came in her special box with all the pieces in plastic bags.  It really looked like a challenge.  I was still pretty sick, tired, and coughing,  so I just put her away for a whole week.  Then one day I got the big box out and started reading all the wonderful directions that Barb sent me and looking at all the bags that were marked with explanations like right arm, left arm, etc.  It all just fell together and BOOM...before I knew it I had Miss Rat all figured out.  I mixed a nice color of gray paint....did you think she would be brown or white?  Nope, she is gray.  I painted her palms and the bottom of her feet with a light flesh colored pink.  I painted the inside of her ears and her sweet little tushie that color too.  But the tushie just did not look right pink....I had to repaint it with gray.  I used Genesis Heat paint on her, so she needed about three coats.  And then I had to bake her.  Then I followed Barb's precise directions and before I knew it, Miss Rat was all put together.  Here she is, just after painting,  no eyes yet.

I was afraid to do the eyes....I have never painted eyes before...but I decided to go ahead and try.  If they turned out badly, someone else could repaint them....I'm sure.  I think they are OK, but probably someone could do a better job...go ahead if you want to do them again. 
Now I really got brave and decided to put some eyelashes and hair on this little lady. The hair is
hot pink and purple wool roving.  It is long enough in the front to tie ribbons in it and pretty long in the back too. I think it should be shorter in the back, but decided to wait and let Barb or someone else cut it shorter if they want to.

                                                                                                                                                                    Here she is all painted, put together, and with hair and eyelashes.
But no tail.....I don't know how we are going to fix that!

An way this little gal has quite a personality, she right away let me know that she wasn't afraid of anything....especially not cats.
She plopped right down next to this whole pile of Mama Cats....she even hugged them all.

Then she latched on to this little kitten and kept saying "I Love You!"  I think the kitten might have been a little scared though, but not Miss Rat!

The little kitten was meowing quite a bit by this picture and I had to go rescue her.  Miss Rat kept saying, " I was just hugging her" and I know she was.

After that Miss Rat cut the cheese....now quit laughing!  I didn't mean what you are thinking...she cut herself a biggggg piece of Cheese.

 She just loves Cheese...........
(so Sue, you might want to put the Cheese up high if you don't want her to eat it all!)

Oh, I almost forgot, I made Miss Rat a Travel Passport.  I put everyone's state in there for her....all you have to do is date when she gets to you under your state.  I kind of got this idea from Audrey.  She sent something about the state her baby came from and I thought...wow, each baby needs a passport! 
It even has her picture on it.
and inside are all the states she will travel to.

Everyone is going to love this little one!


  1. How adorable!! You did such a sweet job and great pictures!! I'm still giggling

  2. I LOVE HER Carolyn!! You did a great job on her!! She is so cute!! I love her hair and her story! She really isn't afraid of kitties or "cutting the cheese"is she? LOL! I LOVE the passport idea, and can't wait to see it!! That sounds so cute! I love that kind of stuff! :))

  3. Carolyn you really made me smile with this one, I think you did a terrific job on her and I know that she loved visiting your house