Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Have My Baby Head Done And The Legs Too

Well tonight I finished my baby is a baby girl frog. 

I had to make 3 of them before I could decide which size head I wanted.  I have a large one, a  medium one, and a small one.  I decided on the small one.  I will finish the others too, but later.  I have made the legs and cooked them.  I hope they work like I want them to work.  I have to make the body and I think I am going to make it out of the green furry material with green dots that the heads are on.  I am wondering if I can find a pink powder to put on the dots....I think that would look nice with the colors in the head.  I made clay hair with all the colors I have been using on the body, but mostly pink.  I put a circle of clay colored hair on top of each head that can hold a cute ribbon for the baby. I think the body should be slightly blushed with Genesis Heat Paint and maybe everything but the eyes, mouth, nose, pink toes, and hair, be painted with a matte gloss.  The places I mentioned should be painted with the high gloss (I usually use Hard As Nails fingernail polish)..


Some how she doesn't look as cute as I thought she would.  Hope you girls can help fix this little problem.  I wanted her to be cuddly and darling????????

Here are her legs....and the body is not made yet....but she is kind of set up
 like she will be when I get the body made and
send her to the next artist who will put her together.

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  1. How cute! I posted a photo of my new doll and added a link to your blog! Hope you'll come by to visit soon! Thanks! ♥