Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Frog Hopped over to the Oregon Coast

Little Miss Frog is leaving to visit Martha in California!

She told me that her mommy loves to collect sand and didn't want to leave without a visit to the coast to gather some treasures for her!

So off she went with her little lilly "pail" on a beautiful sunny day to find some treasures to take home. The tide was with her on her visit to the beach in Seaside, Oregon and she found some very soft sand, a sand dollar, and three little shells. She was so excited she hopped for joy! Her mommy will be so surprised! She wanted me to take some pictures of her there on the beautiful coast, but true to the nature of the started to rain! So, we did the best we could when we got home.
Baby Frog waves "Hello!" as she poses with her treasures from the Ocean

I had so much fun with Baby Froggy! I made her a bonnet, a diaper, and some slipper style booties (to match her tutu). I couldn't send her off without her travel tag, and a baby book. I made her a game of Hopscotch, anda ribbon lilly toy to practice balancing a frog on...she whispered to me that it would help her practice for her own lillipad!...hehe
Frog off the lilly...
Frog on the lilly...Good job Baby Froggy!

I really enjoyed having Carolyn's baby frog here in Washington! I hope she has a wonderful trip as she hops her way home!

Wishing you lots of Kicks 'n' Giggles little one!

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  1. Audrey, I love the cute things you have made for Little Baby Girl Froggy. She looks pretty happy too. I love the beach idea know me...I'm a beach girl at heart.