Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Little Two Little Touring babies...

Little Miss Rat arrived here in Washington a couple of days ago, and got to visit with Little Miss Frog who will be leaving soon for California! They had a great time! They know they will only get to visit for a couple of days, but are having a great time and enjoying the sunshine!

Here are a couple of photos...
Miss Frog found a new game that she loves to play...hopscotch! Miss Rat listened carefully to the rules of how to play, but was worried about the hopping part.
Miss Frog loves Hopscotch, because she loves to hop! She really wanted Miss Rat to have fun and enjoy her visit, so they chose a different game...I spy!

I spy with my little eye......two touring babies having a great time!

Enjoy your visit here in Washington little ones!


  1. I love them! What a pair! They look adorable having fun! Xo)

  2. What cute games for those two little ones. they seem to be getting along great!