Friday, October 14, 2011

My first touring baby!!!

Meet my sweet little baby who will be joining this group of amazing artist to go on my first tour! My baby doesn't have a name yet, maybe after deciding if it's a boy or girl, one of you can give him/her a name.

He/she's all packaged up and headed to Nampa, Idaho to meet Sue Bronson on his first leg of his tour! I can't wait to see what magic Sue will do on him!!!

Be a good baby and I'll see you back in no time at all!!!! Sherry Titus Thomas : )


  1. Sherry, what a cute little thing!!!! Can't wait till that baby comes to visit!

  2. So darling Sherry...have fun! Hugs, Carolyn

  3. So cute Sherry!! This little baby looks like she loves to have fun!! I can't wait for her visit here to Vancouver, Washington! :)

  4. thank you all...And I can’t wait for you all to touch her and make her the baby she was meant to be.....can’t wait to see the finished baby!!!!