Friday, July 2, 2010

Sue's baby boy is ready to leave Georgia

I have enjoyed having this sweet little guy visit me. He came with a cute outfit on him and a football, pacifier, blanket, several hats so I was hard pressed to find something he needed. I decided to make him his very own rag quilt and pillow set and some jammies to wear while he slept, I also gave him a matching bright green teddy bear to hold while he slept. Here are a few photos of him, before I packed him up for his trip to California where he meets Martha.

I also got another baby in the mail today, so now I have 2 more to make something for before sending them on their way. It is hard to let these sweet babies go, each one is precious and I am having fun playing with them and finding something to do for each one


  1. I love his rag quilt and cute jammies. He just looks so cute. He is such a sweet boy. I posted once before on this picture but it didn't seem to take.